Photographs inside a quarter of a million saccades a day

There are 86,400 seconds in a day so over a quarter of a million saccades a day, when we move the fovea between points of interest to construct understanding of our visual environment.

So how to decide which one to try and trap?

These images were taken on Thursday May 18, 2017

Elephant_ near Hungry HeadA roof I have passed many times and admired greatly. I didn’t notice the elephant at first.

Fishermen Bellinger, UrungaThe Bellinger and Kalang Rivers, fishermen scattering the birdsHibiscus harlequin bug found in our carA Hibiscus Harlequin Bug we found in the car

Wetlands Urunga,waterliliesThe new Urunga wetlands, a remediated mineWetlands Urunga

Paperbarks, wetlands Urunga