Images of Eos

I felt a sense of pain when I beheld
The silent trees, and saw the intruding sky. 
Wordsworth, ‘Nutting’


He could have come here and just watched the sky’s reflection, and left the drama behind.


Eos is a different enterprise / exercise every day. As Germano Celant suggests, quoting John Cage: ‘Art comes from a kind of experimental condition in which one experiments with living.’ But Cage was a formalist, primarily interested in procedures. He wrote, ‘The function of art is not to communicate one’s personal ideas or feelings, but rather to imitate nature in her manner of operations.’ I am no formalist. Eos_pebbles

Eos opens you up to the fundamental elements, a sublime that encourages attention / mindfulness and tends to makes the ego porous. (Keats accused Wordsworth of regressing into ‘the egotistical sublime’, letter to Richard Woodhouse, Oct 1818).Eos_red_sand

‘Like an organism of simple structure, the artist mixes himself with the environment, camouflages himself, he enlarges his threshold of things . . .’ Germano Celant, intro to Arte Povera (1969).


Unlike machinery and technology, Eos remains radically new. (For each generation, ‘the radically new disappears into ordinary experience. David Nye, American Technological Sublime).