What’s happening in our neck of the woods and in other necks not so woody


March 27, our birthday – 7 years in Blue Poles

Eos and a ‘wet moon’ . . .

Adani Coal Mine

‘In the battle for the planet’s climate future, Australia’s Adani mine is the line in the sand.’ Bill McKibben

Wonders of Mambo

Perez Prado . . . Elena Kats Chernin

World Poetry Day

Poem ~ The autumn equinox

Blue Eos, March 15

an invisible Sugar GliderĀ is leaving a trail of tinkling raindrops . . .

Bronwyn Rodden developing sustainable art


Eos, Dec 23, poem and images

Two of eight images from a poem written and photographs taken on Dec 23, 2016

Turner, A Sunday at Valla

“Unfortunately I met mr. Turner at the Academy a night or two after I received this letterĀ ; and he asked me if I had heard from Mr. Lennox. I was obliged to say ‘ yes.’ ‘ Well, and how does he like the picture?’ ‘He thinks it indistinct.’ ‘ You should tell him,’ he replied, ‘ that indistinctness is my forte.’


‘To me the sea and what it throws out is a continual miracle.’ Walt Whitman (adapted) . . .

Book launch Gumabynggirr Yuludarla Jandaygam, Dreaming stories from all corners of Gumbaynggirr country.

The Girrwa Galambilanyarr and Jalay Jalay boy dancers from Orara High took me to another place.